General Information

Team Concept prides itself on the opportunity we provide deserving players to play against the best competition the nation has to offer in selected regional and national events. The great majority of our players receive some sort of financial assistance to continue their playing careers at the collegiate level and our spring/summer travel program has been instrumental in making the college dream a reality for many of our athletes.

Team Concept sponsors multiple teams in most events they opt to enter and practice a "mixed roster" team model. In other words, our rosters remain fluid throughout the spring and summer and players may have the option to play with more than one group of players in various tournaments to allow the greatest amount of positive exposure.


All parents and players are required to use our online registration system to sign up for ALL TC events. Players that do not register will not be allowed to participate in clinic or play with our travel teams. Parents are not required to pay online, but must register even in they intend to pay by check.


Roster spots on Team Concept teams are assigned without regard to age, but on playing ability. With that said, we generally place our players on a roster that will give them the greatest chance to be seen in a positive light at the major recruiting events. We are sensitive to the needs of our players closest to graduation and take that into account when building rosters for each event. Rosters will be built at the discretion of the Team Concept staff and may change from one tournament to the next. We try to limit our rosters to no more than 10 players at recruiting events.

Team Placement

Team Concept is an elite program. Our best players have come to expect the opportunity to play with the best of their age group. Being on ANY of our teams places each of our players in very select company. Team Concept will place players where they will have the greatest opportunity for physical and mental development and have the greatest opportunity for success. Our rosters remain fluid throughout the season and may be amended for a specific tournament.

Winning and Losing

Team Concept is about development and preparation for the future, first and foremost. With that said, we are firmly committed to teaching our players the importance of the effort to win, the importance of the desire to win and the importance of the work and commitment required to win. Our program has had unparalleled success in the win-loss column, but we have been able to maintain a healthy balance between our development and our record. We have been able to provide advanced playing opportunity for ALL of our players, not just a select few, and have seen that opportunity lead to success upon entering high school for our younger player and entering college for our high school players.

Playing Time

Playing time WILL NOT always is distributed evenly. With that said, our goal is always to play as many people as possible for as many minutes as possible. We have done an excellent job of spreading minutes and opportunities evenly in the past and anticipate being able to do so in the future. We try to be most vigilant about placing our older players in a positive environment in front of the college coaches, but cannot promise that being a senior or a junior will guarantee minutes. Effective play is the best determinant for playing time in our program.


Normally, each of our players would like to be coached by our most experienced coaches in every game of every tourney we enter. We have found that not only is that unnecessary for development, but is actually limiting to both our staff and our players. Team Concept will continue to use the "Team Coaching" philosophy that has worked so well for us in the past. Each team will have a primary coach, but we will often rotate coaches during tourneys to insure that all our players on each team are exposed to all of our staff and that each of our players can be instructed by ANY of our coaches in a game environment. This philosophy has been instrumental in our success and has given both our players and our coaches the opportunity to enhance their careers.


Our schedule of games is posted on the website. We encourage players to participate in ALL spring and summer events. Players opting to play a full schedule with us will be given greater consideration when we build our rosters. We do not believe in over-exposing our players in the summer, hence our decision to play in three major July events. Our network of college contacts has proven very valuable in "closing the deal" with scholarship opportunities and allows our players and parents not to place all their eggs (and money) in the summer recruiting basket.

Parental Behavior

Team Concept expects all parents with daughters in the program to understand that our primary goal is long term development. Behavior that is unprofessional in nature, disruptive to the group, or negative toward other parents, players, coaches, or referees is counter productive to our mission. Should unacceptable parental behavior persist, those parents and their daughters will be asked to leave the program.

Team Concept parents agree to never voice negative complaints, suggestions or comments to any coach in the program at any game or practice site. All TC coaches are happy to discuss anything and everything with parents when approached properly and at an appropriate time. That time is never around other players or parents and never in the "heat of the moment." Coach Michael is available to handle any issues that may arise, but is adamant about parental behavior being positive and equally adamant that parents understand the role of the coach in the daughters' athletic lives and the boundaries to which parents must adhere when allowing children to play team sports.


All Team Concept costs are clearly listed, available to the general public and presented prior to any commitment by participating families. Each of our travel team coaches have a wealth of experience in the field and each are paid employees of Team Concept. We are not inexpensive, but feel we are worth the investment. We ask that all fees be paid on time and prefer payment be made online using our website for both registration and payment. We will offer both a spring and a summer package this season. Players may opt to play in selected events, but will not be guaranteed spots unless they plan on playing for the entire spring or summer season, or both seasons.